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After-sales service commitment

After-sales service commitment of Morikusuta Technologies Limited 

Division I adhering to the "my heart, you rest assured" concept and excellent sales service standard operation mode, for your company (unit) to provide perfect pre-sales service and after-sales service.  

Pre-sales Service:  

The company will provide your company (unit) with all kinds of free technical consultation, and according to the actual situation and actual demand to provide written technology, design, planning scheme, so that your company (unit) equipment system more perfect, more economic.  

After-sales service:  

1. Call Service -- Service hotline: 010-82722570 (Beijing), 021-57769520 (Shanghai) 

The company has professional after-sales service engineers, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou with service points, in case of emergency or user needs, can rush to the scene to solve the problem in the first time, after receiving the service call within 2 hours, and according to the agreed time in place service.   

2. Case inspection service 

The company has a perfect customer file information system, in order to ensure the long-term stable operation of your company's equipment system, the company's technical engineers monthly (or quarterly) routine door-to-door service inspection, at any time to grasp the operating status of the system, nip in the wind.  And fill in the corresponding health check form, record and file.  Ensure the interests of your company (unit) .  

3. Training services 

The company will provide professional technical training, enhance the professional skills of your company (unit) technical personnel, correctly master the operation and maintenance procedures of the equipment system, so that your company (unit) equipment system get double protection. 

4. Spare parts supply services 

The company has sufficient spare parts supply warehouse, can meet customer requirements at any time.  Customers do not have to store too many spare parts, which can reduce inventory costs.  

5. Maintenance services 

As long as you choose Ruofan International Limited, we will provide lifelong maintenance service. 

6. Standby service 

If you choose Ruofan International Limited, we will provide backup service. 

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